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Koch’s Vision


Our Vision is to succeed long term by applying proven principles of human progress to help people improve their lives.

This requires:

  • Building the capabilities that enable us to create value for others
  • Creating good profit long term by providing products and services customers value more than their alternatives, while consuming fewer resources
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with all core constituencies
  • Consistently practicing stewardship and compliance, especially regarding safety and the environment

We continually transform our ability to realize these aspirations by:

  • Empowering all employees to self- actualize and realize their potential
  • Continually improving – no matter how well we are performing – given the accelerating rate of creative destruction
  • Understanding long-term headwinds and tailwinds, and creating the visions, strategies and capabilities that will enable us to achieve superior returns
  • Better applying all five dimensions of Principle Based Management™

By being principle based, empowering employees, becoming a preferred partner and continually transforming, we create virtuous cycles of mutual benefit. These not only maximize our contributions to others, and our results, they create opportunities for individual growth.


What has changed

We have revised our Vision to emphasize the factors that have been the biggest contributors to our recent successes.

These factors are:

  • Creating superior value for others in a way that is mutually beneficial
  • Empowering all employees to become contribution motivated, focus on their comparative advantage and self-actualize
  • Better applying our principle-based framework
  • Understanding headwinds and tailwinds, and effectively responding
  • Continually improving in everything we do to differentiate ourselves and transform