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Five Dimensions

What are the Five Dimensions?

A framework is a set of principles organized for a purpose. The five dimensions provide the organizing structure for the many principles of human progress included in PBM. 

Because the five dimensions are interrelated and mutually reinforcing, they are to be applied holistically and not treated as standalone items. In some situations, you might initially focus on one or two dimensions, however, applying all five dimensions is essential for success.


No matter what your job is, you are expected to apply the five dimensions to get better results. The tool below can help you!

Using the Five Dimensions to Identify and Close Gaps in Your Work


At Koch we continually seek to close the gap between what we are accomplishing and what we could be accomplishing if we were fully applying our principle-based framework. To identify ways to increase your contribution, ask yourself, your supervisor or others the following questions: 



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"When your group isn’t functioning as well as it could, you’ve got to figure out what’s missing. What are we missing in those five dimensions?"  - Brad Razook, Executive VP, Koch Industries

Examples: Applying the Five Dimensions

Below are examples of employees applying the five dimensions in different situations.


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