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Comparative Advantage Dimension 


Applying this Dimension


The Comparative Advantage Dimension helps us apply principles that maximize what can be accomplished as a team by:

  • Fostering a clear, shared understanding of responsibilities, expectations and decision rights.

  • Deciding who should work on what based on division of labor by comparative advantage. 

  • Holding each other accountable for positive and negative contributions.

  • Removing barriers that stifle good decision making and collaboration.


The Comparative Advantage Dimension and You

The Comparative Advantage Dimension helps you apply principles to maximize the contributions of the team by pursuing work that you’re good at and care about. This includes: 

  • Collaborating with your co-workers to do more than any one person could do on their own.  

  • Developing a clear understanding of your responsibilities, expectations and decision rights. 

  • Collaborating and cooperating with others.  

  • Holding yourself and teammates accountable for results and behavior consistent with Our Values.


Try It

Applying the five dimensions often requires reflection, asking questions, and discussion. Below are some prompts to get you started.