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Virtue and Talents Dimension 


Applying this Dimension


The Virtue and Talents Dimension helps us apply principles to strengthen our culture and capabilities by: 

  • Hiring and retaining contribution motivated people who have a diversity of aptitudes that can help us advance our vision.

  • Helping each employee develop and become more contribution motivated. 

  • Continually adjusting so teams have the right combination of perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge and skills to drive profitable transformation.


The Virtue and Talents Dimension and You

It helps you self-actualize and become more contribution motivated so that you: 

  • Contribute to a culture that exemplifies Our Values.

  • Develop your gifts so you can contribute more and have the career you want.

  • Use our principle-based framework to guide your work. 


Try It

Applying the five dimensions often requires reflection, asking questions, and discussion. Below are some prompts to get you started.


Expectations of Every Employee

To be successful long term, we need employees who are motivated to maximize their contribution to the long-term success of Koch consistent with Principle Based Management and have the ability to help the team succeed.  Our Values and the principle of Contribution Motivated can help employees understand what is expected of them. 


Our Values

Of all the proven principles of human progress, these eight are the foundational values of our culture and thus are among the most important for all of us to exemplify daily.

Contribution Motivated

When you are contribution motivated, you seek to discover, develop and utilize your abilities to succeed by helping others improve their lives.