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Vision Dimension 


Applying this Dimension


The Vision Dimension helps us apply principles to determine how we’re going to create value (creating good profit long term by providing products and services customers value more than their alternatives, while consuming fewer resources), including: 

  • Developing a shared vision.

  • Identifying and closing gaps between today’s performance and what is possible.

  • Stopping/modifying activities that are not profitable.  

  • Building the capabilities we need to make the greatest contribution.


The Vision Dimension and You

The Vision Dimension helps you connect to the team/organizational vision so you can:

  • Maximize your contribution while continually developing your potential.  

  • Prioritize and make good decisions, including stopping unprofitable activities.

  • Innovate and drive transformation in a mutually beneficial way. 


Try It

Applying the five dimensions often requires reflection, asking questions, and discussion. Below are some prompts to get you started.


Koch's Vision

Below is a link to Koch’s current vision. It broadly describes what we’re all about. All employees need to be familiar with it, even if your daily work is guided by a team or group vision.