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Our Approach To

What makes our approach different?


Every company must decide how they will approach things like hiring and paying people, designing roles across a team, and making new investments. Our approach stands apart from many companies because we rely on principles rather than rigid rules to steer our decisions. 

For example, we recognize each person as an individual—a unique collection of aptitudes, skills, interests and characteristics. This guides us to personalize roles to fit the employee rather than fitting employees into standardized roles, and to pay individuals for their contributions rather than their position, title or tenure.

The value of a principle-based approach

Our principle-based framework—what we call Principle Based Management™—is how we approach everything we do. All employees are expected to understand and apply the principles that inform their work because this offers the greatest opportunity for individual and organizational success. 

It may be tempting to just rely on processes, procedures and templates, but when you make a genuine effort to grasp their purpose and underlying principles, you’re more likely to see opportunities to improve and transform—which leads to superior results. You also avoid bureaucracy and other “form over substance” activities that destroy value.


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