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Knowledge Dimension 


Applying this Dimension


The Knowledge Dimension helps us apply principles to continually learn to succeed in a rapidly changing world, by: 

  • Creating an inclusive team environment where decision making is improved by challenge.

  • Using measures and good economic thinking to understand and face reality.

  • Building and strengthening knowledge networks.

  • Developing well-designed experiments that help us learn quickly.


The Knowledge Dimension and You

The Knowledge Dimension helps you apply principles to improve and succeed in a rapidly changing world by:

  • Engaging in challenge and developing knowledge networks to help you and others improve.

  • Developing good economic thinking skills and taking profitable risks. 

  • Working with your supervisor to develop measures that help you make good decisions. 

  • Identifying experiments that could increase learning and profitability.


Try It

Applying the five dimensions often requires reflection, asking questions, and discussion. Below are some prompts to get you started.